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The power of now and beginning to identify yourself, just by asking yourself these questions: Who am I really? What are my values? What do I identify with? What are my tastes?, and allowing yourself to feel, you are already navigating in the present moment, therefore you are practicing and activating your full attention, those are pillars for your real connection.


Your personal purpose together with the lessons learned in the challenges, when you have identified your personal purpose you increasingly seek to connect with activities that fill you with joy and meaning and at the same time each of the experiences you are living, you can choose to filter and stay only with what leads you to learning, from joy, fluidity and enjoyment of course.

Authenticity in relationships, constantly ask yourself: Are you exercising your true self? Are you relating to the people who support you? What make you feel good? Or you are maintaining relationships and spaces to avoid conflict or to please someone.

The meaning of happiness, connected to balance, happiness is not a goal, nor a place where you arrive, it is precisely that path that we travel day by day, from coherence and joy in our work, and for this we must become aware of Dedicate as much space and time as possible daily to what we like to do, which makes us feel free and happy, in the scenario that corresponds to us, with the attitude of getting the most out of and enjoying what we are doing.


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