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Quatic Healer

It is my goal to guide you to bring your life to the best level of comprehensive well-being, achieving optimization in all areas, helping you recognize your maximum potential, removing everything that prevents you from achieving it, through the integration of understandings, instruments and products,  whose purpose is to sustain your health, harmony, peace and plenitude 

Maria Conchita






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It is the one who recognizes his true power.

Wow!! Wondering if I will know my experience about a being of Light like Mrs. Maria Conchita. It is honestly an honor and a blessing for me and my children to have found on our path of darkness the recalibration in our lives. They leave us full of light and energy after each session with her I recommend our coach Maria Conchita, she is an excellent coach and guide.  Thank you so much for everything you have learned and for what you still have to learn.
It is an extraordinary experience like learning to really trust in the power we all have to go through situations and maintain peace. At first it may be scary to think that we have to work on changing things that keep us in the circle of drama. With the guidance of Maria Conchita we understand that it is a delight how our lives change with less effort and we enjoy the process more. Infinite thanks
I started going to Mrs. Maria when I was a teenager suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder, my mother made reiki healing appointments for it. It was an incredible and healing experience that I value greatly as an adult. 10 years since the beginning of my first session, I feel the impact of Ms. Maria's guiding light in the sessions we have had. I highly recommend her for reiki healing for both teens and adults.

- Andrea Reyes

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