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Natural products

Explore our coaching services along with our wide range of pure and natural products to help you heal body, mind and spirit. Our products are personalized and intentional. 

Organic Soap Bars

Body Beauty

  • Solid soaps prepared with glycerin and aloe vera, with different aromas for gentle exfoliation or for body hydration.

  • Mineral salts directed through the choice of a specific aroma aimed at releasing or activating what is required according to individual objectives.

Vibrational Support

  • Scheduled candles made with the particular frequency that is needed, supported by the specific selection of a color and aroma that contribute to achieving the specific objective.

  • Roll-ons designed with essential oils and natural gems that, through the essence, are an ally in achieving the situation to be resolved.

  • Natural Gems Through the immense variety of gems, it is possible to sustain a beneficial energy and frequency that emits the appropriate vibrations to generate and sustain the desired well-being.

Candle Maker

"The healer you've been looking for
It is your own courage to know and love yourself completely."

Yung Village

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